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Pick Her Up

Some ways I've scored in the past....

Your at the gas station and you see this hot chick pumping gas into her car. What do you do to meet her? First step is to stop drooling all over yourself! What you do is go up and start a conversation with her. You should try and use the pump right by hers so this seems like a casual encounter then say something like: "Beautiful day don't you think?" At this point she will either look at you like you're crazy and you know right away that you have no chance because she is the Ice Princess or she will respond in a manner that invites more conversation. When women do the latter most guys fumble here. So what should do before ever attempting this is have some pre-thought responses already in mind Bozo. She says" Oh yeah, a really great day!". Then you say something along the lines of "Would you be interested in hanging out and enjoying it with me? Maybe go to the zoo, outdoor gardens, the lake, or something like that? It would be a shame to waste the day doing nothing." You need to be aware of some of the outdoor events going on in order to fill in the gaps. This is the critical part of the conversation with her because you only have as long as it takes for her to pump her gas to get her attention. Either she'll continue the conversation with you or she'll politely end it saying she has other plans (like I'm going to meet my husband, boyfriend, etc.). If she has other plans than going to meet a significant other than you haven't lost out yet. Let her go and do not persist. Simply ask her if you can have her phone number or gice her yours so you can meet sometime when she has more time. If she gives it to you your chance is 50/50 to score. If she declines either, then politely say "See Ya" and move on.

Very easy chick here....

This is the first of many installments for now. I will update and add as time goes on. So check it out. I will even be sharing some of my own pick ups I've done in the past as well and you won't want to miss that!!!

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This article contributed by Jane Turner.

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