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This is for all you guys out there who sit around home or where ever and mope about wishing you had a girlfriend or at least a peice of ass. Quit the dam moping. I'm here to share with you a way to get out of the slump. Want to bed chicks like this one at the right? Then read on...
Ever been to the gas station, Walmart, the mall, or some other place and thought to yourself "Man, that chick is HOT! Wish I could get in her pants!"? That's your problem dumbass! You stopped right there instead of acting on it! Let me share with you some very interesting facts.

First and foremost you must keep in mind that women are human and have the right to say no. What we do with the response is our problem. Not theirs. But....Here is the interesting part. Many women think exactly as we do. THey would like just a quick peice of ass too. The problem? They aren't as willing as men are to just jump in the sack. They are more safe conscience and proper. So you'll have to spend some time to explore where thier head is at and figure out when to make your move. Not a lot of time though. Timing is everything in this situation... I will outline some of the plans of action I've used in the "Pick Her Up" page for you to check out.

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January 2000

In this area, I might include links to specific pages of my e-zine, perhaps with a short summary of the content in order to draw readers in.

She was easy and HOT

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